Activities Held in Young Scholars Kinder Garten

  • Demonstration

    While our KG session was introduced to the topic “Means of Transport”. The School had organized vehicles like Auto, Car, Tractor, Bike and Bicycle in School Canopy. Our little ones were filled with joy to walk down to canopy and watch /view vehicles parked. Teachers explained pointing the vehicles and its function.
    They were able to recognize and visualize and they also shared their experiences, our little ones were over whelmed, on the way back, they saw aeroplane flying and stopped for a second to sing “Aeroplane Rhyme”. It was overall a great day.

  • Play Area /Out Door Games

    A play area is a place specifically designed to enable children to have recreation we at YSK (Young Scholars Kindergarten) have customized and innovative modern equipments. Such as see –saw , swing set, slides, sand box , tricycles, cars, basket balls, bat and balls for children to develop physical grass motor skills, strength and flexibility as well as providing recreation enjoyment and supporting social and emotional development . Therefore our play area called playscape is designed to provide a safe environment for our little ones.

  • Indoor Games

    Our YSK Wing is well organized with joviality activities. We entertain them with many games such as passing the parcel, lemon and spoon, aiming, tossing, balancing, passing through loops, tyres, fill in the bottles and many more. These rigorous physical activities are provided with a great deal of amusement excitement, fun and frolic besides learning self –assured confidence and dexterous. These games provide crowd pleasure as our young ones complete as it gives them a true sense of belongings, respect to others, co-operation and it also reduces their stress and helps them to channelize their energy in a very positive and friendly way.

  • Dramatization

    With the Objective of re-inforcement for the themes “Plants “, My Family”, My Home” Good food, Junk food, Sizes, Texture, Taste sense organs, Garden, Concepts , Numbers and so on..
    Our KG wing had planned and organized Dramatization for Jack and the bean stack, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the three beans for which children immensely enjoyed watching. This is a great learning activity. It helps our little ones to think, develop, visualization, capacity and imagination.

  • Puppet Show

    Puppets are a natural and fun extending of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. One such puppet show was organized by our KG session teachers. “The Baby Elephant on a picnic”.
    Our little ones had a great time watching, they were able to learn to identify the characterless from a story and also confidently expressing their ideas and feelings relating home environment.
    The main objective was to develop their: - Listening, Speaking, Learning and Imaginative skills. Express their ideas. To overcome shyness. Confidence Communication Social and creative skills.

  • Festivals Celebrations

    Apart from the major events, our YSK children are engaged in a variety of celebrities throughout the year that helps them build cultural and social values, while instilling a sense of togetherness.
    Some of the festivals like National, Religious, Seasonal festivals, celebrations at our YSK Wing help the little ones to understand the importance of bonding, sharing, joys and celebrating happiness.
    The detail listed below will accentuate the relevance and brief.
    National Festivals:
    Every one cherishes National festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanthi not because it is a national holiday but also the spirit of patriotism and feeling of brotherhood among Indians of various castes and creeds.
    Religious Festivals:
    Throughout the year religious festivals are celebrated in our YSK Wing at different times on a scheduled date like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid –ul-Fitr, Janmashtami, Christmas etc.
    Seasonal Festivals:
    It includes celebrations like Rainy Day, Fruit Day, Sports Day, Carnival Day, Founders Day, Vegetable Day, Fathers Day, Environment Day and so on ….
    This further promotes the development of our cultural heritage, traditions and customs.

  • Presentation

    Our KG Wing had displayed all the models on External and Internal body parts. With the objective of introducing the theme “My Body”. The organs were explained and its functions; followed by interactive session and rhymes related.
    In today’s’ scenario, it is very important for our little ones to know about Good Touch and Bad Touch. Teachers spoke very important things for the betterment of our little ones that they know about all this and can deal with it if they overcome across a situation. The goal here is to inform little ones about the danger without causing any anxiety.

  • Children’s Day Celebration

    Children’s Day was celebrated in YSK Wing on a grand scale. Teachers ensured that to have different kind of entertainment possible.
    Teachers brought their expertise and talent into the show, “Cindrella”followed by dance. Children also danced and they were overwhelmed with entire effort. They cheered their teachers sang along during the song and danced too. Over all they applauded the dance performances. They were very enthu to carry the takeaways made by clay and gifts which brought thousand smiles on their face.

  • Blue Day Celebration

    The colour Blue that depicts calmness of sky and coolness of water was introduced in an interactive and lively way on 21-07-2017 Friday.
    The pleasant of blue added vigor to the campus. Children actively participated based on theme based games. Blue colour which is symbol of life was explained in play way method. Everything from the costume and objects placed /displayed in the campus was “Blue”.
    The back drop of presentation was the sea creation. Children learnt innovative games, which enhanced logical and reasoning skills. They learnt new vocabulary of words. It was a highly spirited atmosphere.
    Children enjoyed actively with immense enthusiasm and Zeal. Blue attire made them even over whelmed.

  • Yellow Day Celebration

    Our KG wing celebrated yellow day with optimism and happiness.
    With the objective of re-inforcement the effect of Yellow Day was celebrated on 31-07-2017 children dressed in different hues & tints of yellow.
    The back drop of our stage was totally covered with yellow objects and decorated with yellow tweety and a home effect. The teachers too beaming with pride yellow. We had different activity based on yellow objects.
    We encouraged children to get yellow objects and speak about, sunflower, sun high lightly the essence of yellow day. Children were dressed in yellow attire.
    The motive of celebrating this yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour. The colour of wisdom and intellectual energy had a positive influence on our tender ones.

  • Red Day Celebration

    The colour red illuminates the air with energy, vigor and exuberance. Our KG Wing conducted Red Day on 18-07-2017 to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours. The shade of red made our little ones feel bright and cheerful. Red colour symbolizes enthusiasm and vitality. Our day started with red…red everywhere, our display on red was “Red riding hood “Teachers discussion on the theme red. Children sand Red Day song “my red balloon, apples are red etc. Our little ones were looking stunning in their red out fits. The red day celebration was a wonderful learning activity, which helped children to sort and clarify objects based on colour there by reinforcing cognitive skills. It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness.

  • Nutrition Day Celebration

    In the honor of Nutrition Day, we at KG Wing encouraged wealthy food celebration and we taught them the benefits like: -
    Healthy children will learn better.
    Protects children with food allergies.
    Provides consistent message.
    Optimize growth and development.
    Having a healthy relationship with food.
    To promote learning environment by having healthy celebration, we made an innovative pyramid of food, encouraging children to get healthy food in their snack box, we had put up slogans for Nutrition Day. Parents shared that their child was too fussy eating vegetables, but now started eating healthy food. Teachers danced and children sang and danced for the song played on that day.