Admission Guidelines

Admission into Young Scholars Academy is based on a written test and previous academic record. Prospective candidates should submit the following as applicable for admission:

1. Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous school
2. Marks card from the previous grade/class
3. Original birth certificate
4. Three recent passport-size photographs of the candidate
5. Caste certificate with application (per government regulations at the time of joining)
6. Aadhar Card (Parents & Admission candidate)
Application for issue of transfer certificate
1. Parents who wish to withdraw their wards during the academic year must inform the principal in writing two months in advance, along with the TC fee
2. No fee refunds will be made
3. TC will not be issued until all dues payable to the school are cleared

1. Tuition fees may be paid for the whole year in one lump sum or in three equal installments.
2. Pupils are not entitled to appear for terms examination or annual examination in case of default in payment of fees or any other dues to the institution.
3. A fine of Rs 10 for each day will be charged from the due date. Fees will be collected in the office from 9:30 to 12:30 & 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Monday to Saturday.
4. Payment can be made through cheque or cash. Bounced cheques will incur an additional fine of ` 250.
5. Any change in the fee structure will be at the discretion of the school management. Fees may be revised from time to time to meet additional expenditures.
6. The fee card should be produced at the time of every payment. If the fee card is lost, a duplicate card will be issued on payment of ` 25.
Fees should be paid on or before 10th, failing which a fine of Rs 10/- will be charged per day

Due Dates For Fee Payment Are As Follows
1st term 10th July
2nd term 10th October
3rd term 10th January

A fee card will be issued to all the parents after payment of first Term/annual fee (due date 5th June 2019). You are requested to bring the fee card each time during the fee payment. Refer to the fee card for the fee rules.

Admission Form

Please collect the admission form from our campus. We will strive to make these forms available to parents and guardians on the Internet eventually, but for now we’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way.

Admin Office Timings


Please make an appointment with our office when visiting the campus. We encourage visits from prospective candidates and their parents but do not want to interrupt classes in progress.

The parents are allowed to meet the respective class teacher only on Saturday between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm after making an appointment.


Weekdays - 09:00 am to 03:00 pm

Saturday - 09:30 am to 12:00 noon

Online Admission Request

Click here to get Online Admission Form

Guidelines for Students

1. School starts at 8.30 a.m. with an assembly and a prayer. Student must be on time for the prayer and must assemble on the ground by 8.40 a.m. Punctuality/regularity is expected of every student.

2. Parents/ Guardians who escort their child/ward to and from school shall leave them inside the school gate . Parents/ Guardians shall not enter the school without the ID Card.

3. Late comers are to get their late-coming record signed by the teacher in charge and subsequently has to be signed by the parents or guardian.

4. Student should take care of school property, writing, scratching on the desks, chairs, walls or doors of the school is prohibited appropriate fine will be collected from student for damaging any of the school property . Students should not tamper with the belongings of their fellow mates. Money should not be borrowed or lent or articles exchanged.

5. Feeding lunch by parents/ guardian will not be entertained. Parents are not to bring/ send tiffin or books to their wards in between the school hours. Lunch/snacks should be carried by the children.

6. Bullying or foul use language will at other students and teacher call for disciplinary action and will be dealt with severity.

7. The school reserves the right to suspend or take strict action against a student whose conduct is harmful to other students and performance in studies are constantly a concern.

8. Children should not wear costly ornaments or bring large amounts of cash with them to school. The Management does not take responsibility for loss of valuables or cash. Students will be responsible for their own belongings.

9. All students must take part in Physical Education and other extra-curricular activities unless medically unfit or exempted by the principal. A letter from the parent should be brought in order to exempt the student from attending physical education classes.

10. Students are permitted to use science & computer labs only under supervision and for purposes pertinent to the syllabus or school approved activities assigned by the subject faculty. They are not permitted to carry chemicals apparatus/USB drives/CDs in the labs without prior approval.

11. Students are strictly not allowed to carry cellular phones, walkman, discman, camera or any other high-end electronic devices to school , if found the gadget will be confiscated .

12. Students are discouraged from attending parties or social gatherings directly from school . They could do so from their homes with obvious permission from their parents.

Guidelines for Parents

Our school engages and partners with parents in inculcating shared values to our pupils and your children. This can only be achieved if we work within a common framework of understanding and cooperation.

1. Parents and guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities for strictly enforcing discipline, regular attendance, completion of assignments and denote adequate time to the child.

2. Parents should see that students are to be within the school campus by 8:30 am.

3. Parents are requested to send their children clean, neat and with ironed uniform and polished shoes, failing which the students will not be allowed into the classroom.

4. The school diary is a mode of communication between the parents and the school. The diary has to be checked and signed by the parent/ guardian everyday.

5. Parents have to inform if there is any changes of address or telephone numbers in writing , so that the parents can be contacted in case of emergency , this is for your child’s safety.

6. No students must leave the school during school hours unless permission is granted by the principal on a written request from the parent . In case of any emergency one of the parents / guardian has to personally pick up the child.

7. Parents are requested to inform the school management and class teacher in writing about any allergy , illness or any other health related problem of their children.

8. Parents are requested not to send medically unfit children to school till they recover fully . If students are unable to attend school owing to illness or any other emergency for a period of 3 days or more , the school has to be intimated and give written letter to the management.

9. Parents are kindly requested to send healthy food, snacks, boiled water vegetables etc . Napkin and spoon must be brought. Parents are not allowed to bring tiffin box or books to their wards during school hours.

10. Parents cannot meet teachers without prior appointment during class hours.

11. Possession of ID cards compulsory to each parent who comes to pick their ward.

Note To The Parents Availing Private Vehicles For Conveyance
A. Ascertain the credentials of the owner, driver and conductor of the vehicle adequately. Be in possession of their address and mobile number.

B. The condition of the vehicle is to be verified by the parents.

C. Ensure the presence of a conductor in the vehicle as it is mandatory as per the Government rule.

D. Advise your ward not to enter into any conversation with the driver or conductor.

E. Report to the Principal, in case the driver

i. Uses mobile phone while driving

ii. Drive rashly

iii. Switches on the music system

iv. Carries more than the permissible strength.

F. Advise your ward to remain inside the campus to board the vehicle.

G. Ensure that the owner has obtained prior permission for required route number from the Police/RTO to transport school students.

School Rules

1. No students will enter the school premises without the Identity Card. Similarly without producing the ID card/Gate Pass, no student will be permitted to leave the school during school hours.

2. When students leave the classroom for intervals or for library or laboratory, or physical education classes, they should go in line, in order and in silence, without chatting in the veranda.

3. Whenever students meet elders, or write to them, they must greet and address them properly.

4. When a student takes leave, he or she should get prior permission from the Principal or Vice-Principal and also should get the signature in the diary from the Principal or Vice-Principal before they enter the class.

a. Respect every teacher whether of your own class or not. Be grateful towards those who taught you in the past. Show your reverence by greeting the teachers whenever you meet them.

b. Be convinced that the teachers deeply feel their serious obligation of promoting your welfare in the best way by advising, guiding, commanding and correcting you. They have nothing else in mind other than your own good.

c. Be up to date in doing the test assigned to you by the teachers.

d. Always raise when your teacher enters the class and again when he/she leaves. If the teacher is late to class, do not make any noise but wait for him/her in your places in silence, by revising the lesson.

e. During class hours avoid interrupting or loud Talking.

5. While speaking to elders or teachers, students are always expected to stand erect, not lounge with their hands into their pockets. Arguing with teachers and elders is unbecoming.

6. Among themselves, students are expected to converse only in English. They should not indulge in indecent or vulgar language. Violation of this rule will invite serious sanctions.

7. Inside the classroom, students must maintain absolute silence, even in the absence of a teacher or during interval.

Code of Conduct


Dress Code: Saree decently worn with minimum accessories

Punctuality: To be in the school 10 minutes before the starting of the school time.

Class Room Conduct: To maintain reasonable distance from the learners and at the same time create a comfortable learning zone. To be polite and be a Role Model in Civic behavior


Dress Code:

  • Neatly washed and pressed uniform with Blazers
  • Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Saturday (days to be verified)
  • Sports Uniform on Wednesday and Friday
  • Black shoe well polished with White Socks

Punctuality: To be in the school 10 minutes before the starting of the school time.

Class Room Conduct: To maintain discipline, silence and keep the class room neat taking care of the classroom properties.

Anti-Bullying Policy

As per the norms of CBSE, Young Scholars Academy has constituted an Anti- Bullying Committee headed by a well-qualified counselor and assisted by experienced facilitators. Under the leadership of Physical Training Facilitator and the Office bearers of Students Council an Anti – bullying Squad also functions.

The erring learners are advised in privacy with utmost confidentiality. Parents support is also taken to bring in positive change in the learners.