Learning Environment at YSA

" Striving to achieve extraordinary outcomes! "

YSA is proud of a state-of-the-art campus that is second to none in the city, not only in terms of facilities and in terms of extent of area, but also as an excellent conducive environment for igniting the young minds.

YSA boasts of a vast campus comprising of;

1. Lush green landscape with a big playground
2. Spacious classrooms with natural lighting and ventilation
3. Separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computers
4. Comprehensive library
5. Audio visual rooms for effective teaching
6. Games arena
7. Assembly arena

A teacher,
ignites the young mind
nurtures the sprouts to take strong roots
clears the weeds of ignorance
helps the bud blossom into a flower!

A teacher,
Is a beacon of light guiding
like a candle who burns selflessly
to light a thousand new ones
enlightening the eager minds!

For our teachers in Young Scholars Academy, teaching is a sense of satisfaction, inspiration, motivation, happiness, completeness , values, respect, joy and a feeling that more can be done. It’s a feeling of responsibility in shaping the students’ future that is predominant in our faculty. Our trained faculty members selflessly help the students to understand immense possibilities before them.

At Young Scholars Academy we build the foundation of a student such that he/ she becomes strong and grows wings to fly. Besides teaching, the teachers always guide and motivate in accomplishing the student’s achievements. They encourage and boost their confidence until they succeed. They always show the best path to our students.

Academic Curriculum

Young Scholars Academy currently offers only CBSE syllabus. Exams are conducted at regular intervals to gauge performance per mainstream benchmarks in the Indian education system.

Class Duration Examination
I to VIII Term 1 May to September Periodic Assesment 1 & Midterm
Term 2 October to April Periodic Assesment 2 & Annual Examination
IX & X Annual May to March Periodic Assesment 1
Periodic Assesment 2
Periodic Assesment 3
Annual Examination

Note :

Class IV to VI : 10% of 1 st term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2 nd term
Class VII : 20% of 1 st term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2 nd term
Class VIII : 30% of 1 st term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2 nd term
Class IX to X : Cumulative Portions

Diya Making

Diya an icon for ‘Light the incandescence that dispels the gloom of darkness and radiates the knowledge of light- this ‘diya’ was decorated with various kinds of ornamentation as students vied with one another to excel in the ‘diya’ making competition which was held in YSA, under the canopy.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities like yoga, art and craft, singing, dancing, club activities, Bhagvad Gita chanting, sports, games and fitness are incorporated around the academic curriculum for all round development of the children.

These extra curricular activities improve academic performance, increases brain function of the students, helps in concentration and better time management. It also helps to explore interests and create broader perspectives which help in critical thinking. As the children achieve more success through activities they are passionate about, the more self confident they become.

Extracurricular activities at Young Scholars Academy provide the students an opportunity to develop their social skills. The benefits of extracurricular activities include development of Essential Life Skills or the “real world” skills. These skills include goal setting, teamwork, time management, prioritization, problem solving, analytical thinking, leadership and public speaking.

GUTS Private Tennis Academy

Our Private Tennis Academy, GUTS started with a vision to create the best Tennis professionals in the country and we have achieved our goal to a great extent. India's top players in the age group of 12 to 14 are trained in our academy. Children are trained by some of the best Tennis trainers who have trained many of the professional players in India.

Children and adults of all age are trained in the academy starting with children as young as 4 years. There are 3 international size Tennis courts and numerous batches scheduled to accommodate the growing demand for coaching in our Academy. If you want the best Tennis coaching for your child, you know where to find us – Young Scholars Academy encourages your child to excel in all fields and know his/her true potential.